Invited Speakers

Synthesis and electrochemical performance of LiFePO4/C cathode materials
Yemin Hu
School of Materials Science & Engineering, Shanghai University

Mesoporous TiO2-Based Materials for Lithium ion batteries
Wei Li
Department of Chemistry & Laboratory of Advanced Materials, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China

Carbon nanostructure based catalysts for degradation of organic pollutants under light irradiation
Xufang Qian *, Rengmeng, Zhao Yixin
School of Environmental Science & Engineering,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, No. 800, Dongchuan Road, Shanghai 200240, CHINA

Silicene: a new 2D material beyond graphene
Yi Du
Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials (ISEM), Australian Institute for Innovative Materials (AIIM), University of Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia

Functional Nanomaterials as High-Performance Electrodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Liang Zhou
State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University of Technology

Surface and Interface Engineering of Silicon-Based Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Jianping Yang
State Key Laboratory for Modification of Chemical Fibers and Polymer Materials, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Donghua University, Shanghai 201620, P. R. China

Versatile Conjugated Polymers for Biocompatible/Biodegradable Batteries
Caiyun Wang, Xiaoteng Jia, Changchun Yu, Gordon G. Wallace
Intelligent Polymer Research Institute, ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, New South Wales 2522, Australia

Metallothermic reduced anode materials for high performance lithium ion batteries
Sinho Choi, 1  Soojin Park* 2 and Guoxiu Wang* 1
1 Centre for Clean Energy Technology, Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney, NSW 2007, Australia
2 School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Ulsan 44919, Republic of Korea

Development of Solution-processed Cerium Oxide Thin Films for High Performance Resistive Random Access Memory Applications
Dewei Chu
School of Materials Science and Engineering, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia 2052

Liquid-mediated pathway for the growth of continuous polymeric carbon nitride (C3N4) thin films
Jingsan Xu
Nanotechnology and molecular science, School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering, Queensland University of Technology

Rational design of metal oxide nanomaterials for sustainable energy applications
Ziqi Sun
School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering, Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia

Hybrid carbon-metal oxide nanostructures for supercapacitors
Zhao Jun Han*, Michael Seo, Adrian Murdock, Shafique Pineda
CSIRO Manufacturing, 36 Bradfield Road, Lindfield, NSW 2070, Australia

Low cost Materials for High Energy Sodium-ion Battery
Dr Shulei Chou
Institute for Superconducting & Electronic Materials

Design of Flow Plate in Fuel Cell Using Aluminum Open Cellular Foam Material
Tabbi Wilberforce, Ahmed Al Makky, A. G. Olabi
Institute of Engineering and Energy Technologies, University of the West of Scotland, UK

Biosynthesized Pd–Au Alloy Nanocatalysts Grown on Carbon Fiber Paper for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution
Zechao Zhuang,  Zuliang Chen*
Global Centre for Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation, University of Newcastle, Callaghan NSW 2308, Australia

Antimony and phosphorus-based anodes for sodium-ion batteries
Thrinathreddy Ramireddy, 1 Ying Chen,1 Neeraj Sharma2 and Alexey M. Glushenkov* 1Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University, 75 Pigdons Road, Waurn Ponds, Geelong, Victoria, 3216, Australia

Boron Innovation: from energy storage to nanomaterials
Zhenguo Huang
Squires Way, North Wollongong, 2500, NSW, Australia

Porous Carbon Based Composites for Energy Storage and Conversion
Hao Liu
Centre for Clean Energy Technology, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Materials architecture design for low-cost energy storage application
Dawei Su
Centre for Clean Energy Technology
University of Technology Sydney PO Box 123, Broadway, Sydney, NSW 2007 Australia

Design of Nanoporous Carbon Spheres for Energy Conversion and Storage
Dr. Jian Liu
Department of Chemical Engineering, Curtin University, Perth, WA 6845, Australia

High performance multiphase thermoelectric materials
Sima Aminorroaya Yamini
Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials, AIIM Facility, Innovation Campus, University of Wollongong, North Wollongong, NSW 2522, Australia

Polymeric Sulfur Cathodes for High Performance Li-S Batteries
Qingcong Zeng, 1  Ian R. Gentle, 2  Donglin Jiang, 3  and Da-Wei Wang* 1
1 School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW Australia, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia
2 Department of Materials Molecular Science, Institute of Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan
3 School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia

Free-standing flexible sulfur electrode for high performance Li-S batteries
Xiong Song, 1 Suqing Wang,* 1 and Haihui Wang* 1
1 School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, South China University of Technology,   Guangzhou 510640, China

TiO2 Mesocrystals for Improved Photocatalysis
Zhenfeng Bian*
The Education Ministry Key Lab of Resource Chemistry and Shanghai Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Functional Materials, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai 200234, P. R. China

Nanostructured catalysts for rechargeable lithium-oxygen batteries
Bing Sun
Centre for Clean Energy Technology, University of Technology Sydney, Broadway, Sydney, NSW 2007, Australia

Intellectual Property protection & it’s role in enabling renewable energy uptake
Stephen L. Bewlay*
CTO, Eco-Sight Corp., POB 122 Wollongong, NSW 2520, AUSTRALIA